Daisies and Dragons Daycare mascott

The Programme

The Daycare programme is based largely on a multi-faceted approach that is much influenced by the interests expressed by the children, and is experiential in nature. (e.g. We have made fountains from raw materials and purchases from the local hardware store; we have repaired small appliances ranging from lamps to toasters; have brought home tadpoles from Brown's Inlet...) We bake all winter 'from scratch'! We have a terrific pizza crust recipe that we will share with the parents if they promise to make it at home!!!

The playground! We engage in all the usual projects, e.g., painting, counting, singing, dancing, etc. BUT we have also produced very stimulating and funny project sheets within our lesson plan, that are a blend of the alphabet, shapes, life stories, science, and geography, culture (inspired by the UNICEF project 'Children Just Like Me').

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