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Hours of Care

Approximately 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Our sign!Provincial Guidelines recommend that children should not remain in childcare for more than 9 (nine) hours per day. Our daycare is open 9.5 (nine and a half) hours per day but we expect that you will bring your child for no more than the recommended maximum. Should you require earlier or later hours, on a regular basis, we can usually make accommodations. If you have an unexpected and serious emergency, we expect a phone call, and will not charge you for that extra time. For non-emergencies, it is essential that you work out your schedule and consult us in a business-like manner regarding any special demands you may have regarding hours. If you leave your child beyond the recommended hours without making special arrangements, you will be charged an extra $30.00 per half hour/per incident. If you come after 6 p.m., you will be charged late fees and an additional $10.00 for your child's supper. Please make arrangements early.

After-four, Evenings, Overnights and Weekends, Breakfast

After-four care can be provided for an older sibling or for your child once he/she gets to that stage.

We provide extended hours for special occasions when required. Be sure to organize that business trip, special weekend, overnight, etc. early, and we will do our best to accommodate you. Teachers will occasionally babysit should parents require a helping hand.

We believe that a child should have a proper breakfast with his/her family before arriving to spend an active and exciting day. However, some parents feel they cannot provide breakfast. We can provide breakfast, but the schedule should be organized to reflect this need and there will be an additional charge applied for the extra time, labour and food. Under no circumstances should a child come to us without breakfast unless some prior arrangement has been made for us to feed her/him.

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