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Your Child's Health

You must keep your child home if she/he exhibits:


  1. Never send a breakfast/treat with your child that could contain peanut products: i.e. Peanut butter sandwich, granola bar, chocolate, dried fruit and trail mixes, cakes, cookies, donuts, energy bars, pastries, popcorn, vegetarian meat substitutes. Read all labels very carefully.
  2. If you serve a peanut product to your child at home before coming to daycare you must wash their hands and face thoroughly and make sure they brush their teeth well. Please check their clothes to make sure that no peanut residue remains. Thank you.


Before we give your child any form of medication, you will be contacted for approval. Where necessary, you will also be required to fill out a release form as well as complete instructions as to frequency and amount of medication to be administered. You must also inform us of any other medication your child might be taking when at home. We need a very clear picture of your child's medical health to insure we make no mistakes. We insist on full medical disclosure of any infectious diseases your child may have.

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