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General Information


Parents are expected to supply: All items should be well marked with the child's name.

Indoor Playspace ** Please feel free to bring cotton diapers if that is your preference. We will empty and bag them up for you and they can be returned to a diaper service 'as is' or washed at home. Children who are potty training (or piddling large quantities) are welcome to use 'pull-ups' or disposables. We do recognize the limitations of cotton!!!

Clothing Supplies:

You will be asked to leave a 'seasonally correct ' change of clothing with us at all times. Please label every item. Please remember to dress your child to allow for outdoor time. Please avoid belts and the string ties in hoods and bibs. Both can be dangerous to small children! We would like you to have your child dressed for going outside upon arrival. In the winter months, we may take the children straight outside. Sunscreen must be applied in the summer before arrival.

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